How To Give Your Reception Hall A Vintage Victorian Look On Your Wedding Day

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Victorian styles are known for their ornate elegance, which makes them a common choice for weddings. If your dress will have a Victorian look, then it makes sense to decorate your reception hall to match. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration as you aim to give your reception hall a vintage Victorian appeal. Choose seat covers and tablecloths with a Victorian style. Modern metal chairs and tables certainly don’t look Victorian, but there’s an easy solution to this. Covers that slip over the backs of standard metal chairs can give them any look you like, and long tablecloths can camouflage even the most boring, basic table. Some table and chair rental companies offer seat back covers for rent, too. Before you sign a contract with a table and chair rental company like Party People Rentals & Sales, make sure you like what they offer in this regard. To ensure your seat covers and table cloths have a Victorian look, focus first on color. Off-white is a good base color that was popular in the Victorian era. Look for accents of deep Prussian blue or cranberry red, as these colors were also prominent at this time. A delicate lace border adds authentic appeal. If possible, look for seat back covers and table cloths that fit more loosely, with a draped look, rather than those that fit tightly, as bulkier, flowing fabric was common during the Victorian age. Rent a couple of Victorian-inspired sofas or lounge chairs. A couple of Victorian-style sofas or lounge chairs placed in the corners of the reception room will add to the look and also give guests a place to rest and chat. Look for furniture with some or all of the following features that were common during the Victorian era: C-scrolls and S-scrolls worked into the wooden legs and frame of the piece Walnut or mahogany legs or accents Upholstery featuring images of natural elements like flowers and leaves You can set two upholstered chairs in front of a little wooden table to give guests a private area to sit and chat. A larger, wood-footed sofa paired with a few ornate wooden footstools also looks classy. If you are having trouble finding a company that rents ornate furniture, your table and chair rental company may be able to recommend someone in your area. Some furniture stores even offer this service. Use ornate candelabras as centerpieces. Ornate candelabras made from brass or iron were popular in the Victorian era. Look for some remakes of these candelabras at a local furnishings store, or search antique shops for authentic ones. They don’t all have to match. Having a different one on each table will add even more interest to the space. Look for candelabras that hold five or six candles, and then place tall, off-white candles in each space. When the dinner hour comes, you can have the lights dimmed and let your wedding guests enjoy dinner by candlelight. Choose lacy cloth napkins. See if the company that is providing your tablecloths and chair covers also offers cloth napkins (many do). Ask to see their design options, and choose the laciest napkins possible for a Victorian-inspired look. Alternatively, you could purchase lacy cloth napkins for the occasion and let guests take them home as their...

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5 Reasons To Purchase Blu-Ray TV Series Over Streaming Options

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The world of television is a lot different than it used to be. Instead of watching live shows, a lot of people choose other TV viewing options, including Blu-Ray discs and streaming. Getting instant access to streaming video may seem more convenient, but there are several advantages to purchasing full Blu-Ray TV series instead of streaming them. Browse through the following five benefits to see why you should choose Blu-Ray options over streaming platforms. Extended Episodes When streaming services acquire episodes of a television show, they typically get the original episodes that aired. Blu-Ray editions of TV shows often feature extended episodes and deleted scenes that are not a part of the original broadcast. These episodes give you plenty of content to enjoy, including extra scenes, side-stories, and deleted scenes that have been edited into the episode. The technology on a Blu-Ray disc allows you to choose between the original episodes and the fully extended episodes. On a streaming service, you typically only have one option to choose from. Binge Watching One of the best parts of owning a full TV series is having the ability to binge watch episodes and watch marathons of your favorite show. When using streaming services, the flow from episode to episode is interrupted with boxes that ask you if you want to continue watching. When you purchase a Blu-Ray series, you can watch a whole disc in one setting without having to deal with these pop-ups. This gives you uninterrupted access to the content. For example, if you purchase an hour-long drama show, a single Blu-Ray disc can hold around 9 episodes. This gives you plenty to binge watch before inserting a new disc. On streaming services, you often have to manually select episodes to continue watching. Image Quality Both Blu-Ray discs and streaming services offer HD quality TV shows, but there are differences between the two types of media. Streaming media often has a compressed video that makes it easy to stream and distribute over internet connections. When you are watching TV shows on Blu-Ray, each episode features uncompressed quality and true HD visuals. This allows you to see tiny details, great visuals, and the way the show was intended to be seen. Along with excellent visuals, Blu-Ray discs have the capabilities to play high quality audio codecs like Dolby TrueHD. This can make a huge difference when pairing the Blu-Ray discs with a surround sound system. Internet Connections Streaming TV shows requires a steady internet connection to work properly. When the connection is interrupted or overloaded, you often have to deal with annoying factors like buffering and long loading times. Blu-Ray discs give you the freedom to enjoy shows off the grid. This means that you can watch episodes without connecting to the internet. On the go, you can use portable Blu-Ray players or laptops with Blu-Ray drives to watch content. There is no need to find a Wi-Fi connection to enjoy your favorite shows. When you are in places where a Blu-Ray player is not available, the discs may come with digital versions. A lot of TV show releases come as Blu-Ray combo packs. This includes a digital download of the TV show so you have access when there is not a Blu-Ray player available. This is a great way...

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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Getting Married In Vegas

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Think you know all about getting married in Vegas? Think again. Las Vegas as a wedding destination has been insanely popular for decades, and it’s easy to see why. Las Vegas is one of the most exciting and inviting places in the country, but it’s also an amazing place to get hitched. Here are seven things you probably didn’t know about getting married in Vegas that you definitely should. 1. It’s a very busy place to say ‘I do’ If you want to get married in Las Vegas, you aren’t alone. According to Clark County, Nevada, nearly ten thousand marriage licenses are issued every month in Las Vegas. That’s a whopping 120,000 every year, just in one city. 2. You can plan a ceremony for any budget You may associate weddings in Vegas with being cheap and quick, but there are more options than most people realize. Some of the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas offer wedding packages that range from economical to luxurious, so you can have beautiful memories no matter what your budget. How much you spend depends on how detailed you want your service to be. 3. Celebrities love getting married in Vegas (and some of them even stay married) While it seems that celebrities love getting married in general, they really seem to adore getting hitched in Las Vegas. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, were married in Vegas, and so were Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos. Both couples have been married for an eternity by celeb marriage standards, too. It’s easy to see the appeal of getting married in Las Vegas if you are busy like celebrities; 24-hour chapels and all-you-need wedding packages take the stress out of planning and help you get married and back to work as quickly as possible. 4. Las Vegas weddings are a family affair Vegas weddings aren’t just for impetuous couples looking to elope. Many families organize weddings in Las Vegas because they are inexpensive, fun and can be suitable for the entire family. After you’ve said your vows, you can send your relatives off with the kids for some child-friendly fun, Las Vegas-style, while you enjoy being a newlywed. 5. You can get married on the spur of the moment (but you probably should plan ahead) 24-hour wedding chapels and drive thru weddings are great, but you may want to call ahead before you plan that quick wedding, because some days of the year can be much busier than others. Traditionally, February 14th is the most popular day for weddings in Sin City, so if you have your heart set on a Valentine’s Day wedding date, you should make your arrangements as early as possible.  6. Getting a marriage license in Las Vegas is super easy The city makes it extremely easy to get married there. There are no waiting periods or blood tests required in order to obtain a marriage license from Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. You don’t even need to be an American resident to tie the knot. Most countries will still recognize your marriage if you have the original marriage certificate and a notarized document called an Apostille, which has been signed by Nevada’s Secretary of State. 7. Not everybody getting married in Vegas is single In...

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Estate Sale Shopping Tips For Newbies

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Shopping for unique items, furniture, and other treasures at estate sales is not only fun to do, but it can also be a great way to buy things you really like or need for prices that are very affordable. If you love visiting garage sales but have not ventured into the world of estate sales yet, now might be a good time to start. There are some things you should know about estate sales before you start attending them, and here are some important tips you should know. Ways To Find Out About Upcoming Sales The first thing you will need to do is to find out when these sales will take place. Estate sales typically take place for two days in a row, which are often Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. They are often on the weekends simply because that is the best time for the majority of people that work. The best way to find out when local estate sales are going on is to look up estate sale liquidation companies. Any company that hosts estate sales will have a list of upcoming sales. Don’t be surprised though if the sales do not list an address. Estate companies purposely do this to prevent buyers from showing up before the dates of the sale. If there are several estate sale companies in the area, look up each one and mark these dates on your calendar. When you view these postings, you will also get to read over lists of items that are for sale. These lists may not be complete, but they usually include most of the items that will be sold at a sale. Knowing about the sales is the first step in finding great deals, but there are several other things you will need to know before you start this new hobby. Get There Early! Most estate sales take place inside homes, but an estate sale company may only allow a certain number of people to enter the house at one time. Because of this, you will need to get to the sale early if you have your eyes on a particular item. If the sale begins at 8 am, you may want to arrive by 7 am. If you are the first there, you will get to enter the home first, which will give you a better chance of purchasing the items you came there to get. This is something that is really important with rare items or items that are high in demand. For example, if you collect cuckoo clocks and you see one on the list of an estate sale, you may need to get there first in order to purchase the clock. If you are not there early and other clock collectors show up, they may quickly snatch up this particular clock. How to Get The Best Deal Finally, here are some tips to help you get the best deals possible at estate sales: Wait until the second day – If there is nothing that you desperately want to buy from a sale, wait until the second day to visit it. Many estate liquidators offer 50% off sales on the second day simply to get rid of any remaining items. Negotiate with them – If you wait until the second...

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First Time At The Atlanta Comic Con? What Should You Expect?

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Whether you’re a long-time fan finally making your first pilgrimage to the mecca of all things pop culture, or just in it for the fantastic people-watching, you may be wondering what to expect from your first visit to Atlanta’s Comic Convention (or “Comic Con”). This annual gathering has morphed from a small group of loyal comic devotees to an enormous gathering of fun-loving men, women, and children from all walks of life. Read on to learn more about this annual convention and some of its special attractions, as well as some other special considerations. What is the Atlanta Comic Con?  Beginning in the 1960s, a group of comic book devotees began hosting an annual convention in New York City to discuss and trade comics. This convention was small, and generally intended to raise interest in new comics and graphic novels being released in the upcoming year. Over time, this Comic Con expanded to include films, costume play (“cosplay”), and gaming, and smaller Cons began popping up throughout the country. Today, there are more than a dozen different Comic Cons held across the U.S., including Atlanta’s Wizard World Comic Con, hosting hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic conventioners. The Atlanta Comic Con is one of the more recent additions to the circuit, and boasts a number of special attractions appropriate for everyone from the newbie gamer to the veteran collector, as well as those who simply appreciate an elaborate costume or heated discussion about six-sided dice. What can you expect to see at the Comic Con? When you arrive at the convention center, you’ll likely be directed to a registration table at the front of the building to get your name tag and welcome packet. This packet will include a map of the convention center that may include specific booths, a schedule of events, and special offers and advertisements to help direct you to areas of interest. You’ll notice that many of your fellow conventioners are dressed like characters from anime videos, games, graphic novels, or even legends — the more over-the-top the outfit, the better! Along your route around the convention center, you’ll notice booths set up for various activities. Most areas will have a theme — one large room for card games, another room for dice games, a third room for video games. Depending upon your level of admission (standard or VIP) you may have access to exclusive areas of play. There are also dozens of booths offering games, comics, and other items for sale, as well as contests and promotions. This convention is also host to a number of celebrity appearances — you should be sure to regularly check the website to see the most up-to-date list and schedule of celebrities. By purchasing a ticket prior to your arrival, you will be able to have your photo taken with a celebrity of your choice. And if you’d rather stay out of the limelight, the celebrity attraction times provide a prime opportunity to investigate some of the most popular booths that are normally quite crowded. Are there any special considerations you should keep in mind? If you’re handicapped, be sure to let the admissions desk know more information during the registration process so that they can assist and accommodate your needs. You may be given premier entry to lines or...

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Flexibility And Stretching For Beginning Dancers

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Along with exceptional agility and muscle tone, the trait that often comes to mind when thinking about ballet dancers is flexibility. One of the most intimidating things that turn aspiring dancers away is the flexibility required to dance effectively. To make matters worse, most people don’t fully understand how to improve their range of motion. That’s why beginning dancers need to take their stretching and flexibility training seriously, especially before ballet classes. Fortunately, an understanding of static stretching, dynamic stretching, and yoga is all that’s required.  Static Stretching The basic notion of holding stretches for an extended period of time to increase range of motion is called static stretching. Typically, these stretches are held for approximately 30 seconds or longer to be considered static. However, the major defining factor of a static stretch is that there is no movement during the stretch. In the past, these exercises were often done before physical activity. However, recent studies show that this can reduce your athletic performance and should instead be done after a workout. Important static stretches for dancers include: Hamstring Stretches–While sitting on the floor, extend one leg out while curling another inward or behind you. Without bending your knee, reach down and touch your toes. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Calf Stretches–After performing hamstring stretches, reach to your toes while in the same position. Then, pull the toes gently toward your body, forcing your calves to extend. Again, hold for at least 30 seconds. Quadriceps Stretches–While in a standing position, reach behind your back and raise your foot to your hand. Then, pull up and back on your foot to bend your knee completely. Work to keep your knee even with or behind the knee on your standing leg. Dynamic Stretching The opposite of static stretching, dynamic stretching involves movement designed to extend your muscles through a wider range of motion than normal. This is done through the repetition of difficult movements that become easier as the stretch progresses. The best time to perform dynamic stretching is before a workout. In a ballet studio, the easiest way to perform dynamic stretches is through the use of the barre. The support you gain by using the barre allows you to perform a number of movements that make the process of dance easier, such as: Hip Swivels–While facing the barre, extend your leg out away from your body. Then, bring the leg in front of your torso to the other side, progressing as far as you can.  Leg Kicks–Turn your body parallel to the barre. Place one hand on the barre, then extend your leg out from your body. Attempt to raise your toes as high as possible, then swing your leg back behind you.  The Benefits of Yoga Most stretching efforts should take place immediately before or after a workout. Yoga, on the other hand, offers dancers a way to increase their flexibility as a stand-alone workout. It’s also a great way to aid balance and recovery after a particularly difficult session. While there are a number of different yoga variants, the most beneficial to dancers involves holding various balance poses. Since yoga is very similar to static stretching, you wouldn’t want to go through a difficult progression right before dancing. However, utilizing yoga on off-days and after workouts...

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Eight Important Wedding Gown Trends For 2015

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Are you planning your wedding for some time in 2015 and are still struggling to choose your wedding gown? With so many beautiful wedding dresses everywhere, it’s certainly hard to narrow down the options. Following are eight major trends in wedding attire design in 2015 that may help you decide on the gown of your dreams. Light and Airy This year’s most noticeable wedding dress trend is gowns that are light, airy, and feature an unstructured design that provides a fluid shape reminiscent of the ball gowns of the later 1800s that were designed with dancing in mind. Ethereal fabrics such as tulle and organza are perfect for this romantic look. These effortlessly elegant dresses are so comfortable and graceful that brides will want to dance all night. Full Skirts In keeping with the light and airy look, most wedding dresses from places like Moonlight Bridal in 2015 feature full ballerina style skirts — even the popular tank dresses. Subtly layered ruffles can add extra volume without being too cumbersome. One particularly grace look involves clear, sparkling bead work along the vertical seams. Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves Delicate, off-the-shoulder sleeves in lacy, transparent fabrics are perfect for today’s relaxed and airy bridal gown silhouettes. Caplet sleeves are another popular design option for today’s bride. These are sometimes combined with a lacy, attached piece that fits smoothly over the bride’s neck. Shoulder epaulets made from gleaming strands of pearls are a charming variation of this trend that dates back to the Middle Ages. For an edgier, modern look, consider semi-precious stones such as amethyst or even silver or gold chains. Pale, Translucent Colors White will always be a classic color choice for those walking down the aisle to join their beloveds as they begin their new lives together — after all, white is the color of celebration! However, many brides are beginning to move away from traditional white. Blush was last year’s color choice, and this year has already seen colors such as silver, pistachio, sunset, and barely-there dusty blue. Another color trend that’s sure to make a splash this year is accents on white such as colored embroidery, appliques, and beading. Chic, Minimalist Tank Dresses Wedding dress designers are also producing a significant amount of bridal attire that features clean, classic lines. Simple tanks dresses in luxurious fabrics such as silk and charmeuse will be seen at summer wedding ceremonies everywhere this year. Although floor-length tank dresses are the most popular so far, spring and summer brides may prefer shorter lengths. Dramatic Necklines This year’s most popular neckline so far is a dramatic V-neck with a delicate lace inset. Another popular choice among 2015 brides is a high, Victorian-inspired neckline with lots of lace and no sleeves. This can be an extremely figure-flattering look if the neckline forms an inverted triangle because the triangle will serve to make the waist appear smaller. Feathered Trains Feathered trains are another unique design element that has been showing up on wedding gowns in 2015. Some of these feature multicolored, pale pastel feathers flowing from an all-white dress. Feathers on the backs of veils have also been seen at a number of weddings so far this year. Crop Tops Two-piece wedding gowns featuring crop-tops are showing up everywhere this year, and the trend shows no sign...

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Cleaning And Storage Tips For Preserving The Beauty Of Your Antique Jewelry

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If you love browsing antique shops and estate sales for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, you want to make sure you take excellent care of your precious items once they are in your possession. The appearance of your jewels depends on how you clean and store them. Damage can occur even when you are not wearing the items. Keep in mind the following tips when you add to your collection of vintage estate jewelry. Cleaning Vintage Items The last thing you want to do is damage precious jewelry during the cleaning process. If you want to clean jewelry on your own use a lint-free soft cloth, a soft bristle toothbrush and mild soapy water as cleaning agents. Never soak jewelry in the water. Wet the soft cloth and then clean the item. Let jewelry dry in a cool and dust-free area. Use a cotton swab for hard to reach places. Do not use dirty cloths to clean jewelry. Read labels of off-the-shelf jewelry cleaners to make sure they do not contain alcohols, acids or vinegar. Use cleaners that match the jewelry type. Do not use gold cleaning solutions on rhinestones. For tarnished gold that does not have gems, you can use a solution of two parts water and one part ammonia to clean items. For silver, you can use a paste of baking soda and water. Pearl, cameo and shell pieces are more fragile than other types of jewelry. Even a paper towel can damage the delicate calcium carbonite surface of coral and shell cameo jewelry. Take these items to a professional jewelry clean so you do not risk damaging them beyond repair. Storing Antique Jewelry Storing your jewelry properly can help to maintain the luster of items, clarity of stones and scratch-free surfaces. One of the most important things you can do to protect antique jewelry is store each item separately. When items rub against each other, they can develop scratches or loose stones. In addition, heed the following guidelines when you store antique jewelry. Place items in velvet pouches before storing them in airtight containers. Keep necklaces, bracelets, beaded jewelry and other items strung on silk flat when you store them. Hanging can stretch silk and fabric threads. Use ring holders to keep rings separate and to protect stones. Do not store jewelry near heating vents and areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Wearing Vintage Jewelry When you wear your antique jewelry make sure to take the items off before exposing them to water especially if you are on a tropical vacation. Heat and chlorine are enemies of fine, antique jewelry. If items do get wet, dry them right away so the moisture does not cause verdigris, the ugly greenish-blue tint that you see on neglected jewelry. Preparing to Sell Selling vintage items that you never wear is great way to earn some extra cash quickly. If you have jewelry that you want to sell to an antiques dealer, you want to make sure you get the best price for the item. First take your jewelry to a certified appraiser to find out the value of your item. You need an unbiased assessment on the worth of your jewelry so you can have realistic expectations when you sell. Reputable appraisers are members of the American Gem Society. If...

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Child Support Payments In Arrears? Your Casino Winnings Could Be Rerouted To Kids

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Winning a jackpot at a casino is thrilling and fun. However, many people are getting the shock of their lives when they go to casino cash cages to collect their money. In several states across the country, parents who are in arrears in their child support payments are surprised to find that some or all of their winnings will be diverted to the state child support agency and applied to their past-due accounts. Here’s what you need to know about these changes in gambling laws being made across the country. The Problem Child support delinquency is a pervasive problem that plagues every state. In 2009, approximately $35.1 billion in child support was owed by parents. Out of the 6.9 million parents who obtained support orders in that year, 29.2 percent haven’t received any of the money due. In California, delinquent child support totaled $19.2 billion in 2011. Most states have put a number of measures in place to collect the money owed from parents who can’t or don’t want to pay. In California, this includes Putting liens on real and personal property such as homes, vehicles and equipment Garnishing wages, workers’ compensation checks, unemployment benefits and other sources of income Confiscating state and federal tax refunds Attaching a lien to any lawsuits the non-paying parent may be involved in that could result in monetary settlements Failure to pay child support can lead to a suspension of licenses, negative reporting to all three credit bureaus, passport denial and even jail time. Despite these consequences, the problem of nonpaying parents continues to persist. Gambling on a New Debt Collection Tactic Parents who are delinquent in their child support payments not only put custodial parents and children in a bind, they cost the tax payers money. Many custodial parents have to tap into social services such as welfare and Medicaid to make up for the lack of financial support. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many states have income interception programs that attempts to obtain money from nonpaying parents from any source those people may earn or win it. However, some states have expanded the reach of their systems to include seizing casino winnings. Currently only Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, West Virginia and Louisiana have implemented laws requiring casinos to check customers’ names against a database if their winnings have exceeded a minimum threshold. For example, if you win $600 or more in Ohio, the casino will check your name against a database and withhold some or all of your winnings if you owe back child support. So far, the states’ efforts are having a notable impact. Ohio has recouped over $3 million since it implemented its program in 2001. Louisiana instituted its program in 2011 and has collected over $806,000 from nearly 600 parents. Currently California doesn’t have laws requiring casinos to divert their customers’ earnings to the Department of Child Support Services. However, the state does have a lottery winnings intercept program that will take a chunk of your prize money if you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot in the various lottery games run by the state. Additionally, the court will count lottery earnings as income when determining the amount of child support you are required to pay. Only time will tell if these...

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5 Tips For Pulling Off A Fantastic Homeschool Theater Production

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Nearly 2 million American students are homeschooled these days, which means there is a lot more room for academic flexibility. Homeschool co-ops and groups often band together for projects like theater productions, but how do you help your kids pull off a fantastic show? 1. Fit the Material to the Group When you’ve only got 10 kids in your homeschool group, plays that require enormous casts won’t fit your production very well. Don’t stretch your kids too far by forcing them to play five different characters each, as you’ll suck the fun right out of the project. Instead, look for material that fits the size and age range of your homeschool group. To find plays for a drama group, use resources like: Drama sections of public libraries Online databases of children’s plays Drama teachers at local schools 2. Adapt the Material Don’t assume that your homeschool group must perform the play as written; in fact, a customized performance is always more fun. Enlist the kids to make changes to the script so everyone is comfortable with his or her part. If there aren’t enough characters for your group of students, for example, add characters to the script. This works particularly well for non-speaking parts since some students won’t feel comfortable with prominent roles. Other methods of adapting the material might include: Changing the setting (e.g. to your own city or town) Changing the time (e.g. transforming an old play to modern day) Changing the language (e.g. adding modern lingo) 3. Rent or Buy a Portable Stage Give your homeschool group the red carpet treatment with a real, honest-to-goodness stage. Rent or buy portable staging from places like The Stage Depot to set up in a church auditorium, public recreation center, or even one homeschool family’s backyard. Decide where you will host the performance, then deck out the environment with as many accents as possible. Rent or sew a curtain to be erected around the stage, for example, so your kids feel like they are performing a “real” production. Whether you rent or buy will depend on: Storage: Do you have a place to keep the stage when it isn’t in use? Funds: Can you afford to purchase the stage? Frequency: How often will you use a stage for homeschool performances? Activities: Will you use portable stages for other activities, such as choir recitals and band performances? 4. Rehearse On Site Rehearsals for homeschool theater productions usually progress from simple to elaborate. A common sequence of rehearsals might involve: Reading the script at a round table or in a circle on the ground Reading standing up while performing basic visual cues (e.g. gestures, entering and exiting “stage”) Practicing physical comedy or difficult movements Performing full-fledged readings (without scripts or interruptions) Performing dress rehearsals (in costume) During the final 1-2 weeks of rehearsals, practice on the stage you’ll use for the final performance. Let the kids get used to the position, lighting, and dimensions of the stage so they’re more comfortable performing in front of an audience. 5. Appoint a Crew With older homeschooled children, consider giving them the reins for all aspects of the production. Rather than just casting roles in the play, assign crew members for the production, such as: Production Director Stage Director Costume Director Make-up Artist Prop Designer This works best for...

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