5 Reasons To Purchase Blu-Ray TV Series Over Streaming Options

Posted on: 19 January 2016

The world of television is a lot different than it used to be. Instead of watching live shows, a lot of people choose other TV viewing options, including Blu-Ray discs and streaming. Getting instant access to streaming video may seem more convenient, but there are several advantages to purchasing full Blu-Ray TV series instead of streaming them. Browse through the following five benefits to see why you should choose Blu-Ray options over streaming platforms.

Extended Episodes

When streaming services acquire episodes of a television show, they typically get the original episodes that aired. Blu-Ray editions of TV shows often feature extended episodes and deleted scenes that are not a part of the original broadcast. These episodes give you plenty of content to enjoy, including extra scenes, side-stories, and deleted scenes that have been edited into the episode. The technology on a Blu-Ray disc allows you to choose between the original episodes and the fully extended episodes. On a streaming service, you typically only have one option to choose from.

Binge Watching

One of the best parts of owning a full TV series is having the ability to binge watch episodes and watch marathons of your favorite show. When using streaming services, the flow from episode to episode is interrupted with boxes that ask you if you want to continue watching. When you purchase a Blu-Ray series, you can watch a whole disc in one setting without having to deal with these pop-ups. This gives you uninterrupted access to the content.

For example, if you purchase an hour-long drama show, a single Blu-Ray disc can hold around 9 episodes. This gives you plenty to binge watch before inserting a new disc. On streaming services, you often have to manually select episodes to continue watching.

Image Quality

Both Blu-Ray discs and streaming services offer HD quality TV shows, but there are differences between the two types of media. Streaming media often has a compressed video that makes it easy to stream and distribute over internet connections. When you are watching TV shows on Blu-Ray, each episode features uncompressed quality and true HD visuals. This allows you to see tiny details, great visuals, and the way the show was intended to be seen.

Along with excellent visuals, Blu-Ray discs have the capabilities to play high quality audio codecs like Dolby TrueHD. This can make a huge difference when pairing the Blu-Ray discs with a surround sound system.

Internet Connections

Streaming TV shows requires a steady internet connection to work properly. When the connection is interrupted or overloaded, you often have to deal with annoying factors like buffering and long loading times. Blu-Ray discs give you the freedom to enjoy shows off the grid. This means that you can watch episodes without connecting to the internet. On the go, you can use portable Blu-Ray players or laptops with Blu-Ray drives to watch content. There is no need to find a Wi-Fi connection to enjoy your favorite shows.

When you are in places where a Blu-Ray player is not available, the discs may come with digital versions. A lot of TV show releases come as Blu-Ray combo packs. This includes a digital download of the TV show so you have access when there is not a Blu-Ray player available. This is a great way to offer back-up content when on the go.

Special Features

If you really love a TV show, then Blu-Ray discs offer a lot of extras that streaming services do not feature. For example, Blu-Ray discs have the ability to play audio and video commentaries while the show is playing. Additional extra features include making-of documentaries, TV show trailers, and interviews with cast and crew. Blu-Ray discs also have the ability to feature TV games, including trivia games. In these games, you can watch clips from the show and answer questions based upon the clips. The game formats vary and depend on the TV show that you purchase.

Once you start building a collection of TV shows that you love, you can have a nice library of Blu-Rays to fall back on and own forever. The high quality discs will last for years, so you do not have to worry about them getting removed like the fluctuating library on a streaming service. For more information about buying Blu-Ray sets, contact a company like Pristine Sales.