How To Give Your Reception Hall A Vintage Victorian Look On Your Wedding Day

Posted on: 20 April 2016

Victorian styles are known for their ornate elegance, which makes them a common choice for weddings. If your dress will have a Victorian look, then it makes sense to decorate your reception hall to match. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration as you aim to give your reception hall a vintage Victorian appeal.

Choose seat covers and tablecloths with a Victorian style.

Modern metal chairs and tables certainly don't look Victorian, but there's an easy solution to this. Covers that slip over the backs of standard metal chairs can give them any look you like, and long tablecloths can camouflage even the most boring, basic table. Some table and chair rental companies offer seat back covers for rent, too. Before you sign a contract with a table and chair rental company like Party People Rentals & Sales, make sure you like what they offer in this regard.

To ensure your seat covers and table cloths have a Victorian look, focus first on color. Off-white is a good base color that was popular in the Victorian era. Look for accents of deep Prussian blue or cranberry red, as these colors were also prominent at this time. A delicate lace border adds authentic appeal. If possible, look for seat back covers and table cloths that fit more loosely, with a draped look, rather than those that fit tightly, as bulkier, flowing fabric was common during the Victorian age.

Rent a couple of Victorian-inspired sofas or lounge chairs.

A couple of Victorian-style sofas or lounge chairs placed in the corners of the reception room will add to the look and also give guests a place to rest and chat. Look for furniture with some or all of the following features that were common during the Victorian era:

  • C-scrolls and S-scrolls worked into the wooden legs and frame of the piece
  • Walnut or mahogany legs or accents
  • Upholstery featuring images of natural elements like flowers and leaves

You can set two upholstered chairs in front of a little wooden table to give guests a private area to sit and chat. A larger, wood-footed sofa paired with a few ornate wooden footstools also looks classy. If you are having trouble finding a company that rents ornate furniture, your table and chair rental company may be able to recommend someone in your area. Some furniture stores even offer this service.

Use ornate candelabras as centerpieces.

Ornate candelabras made from brass or iron were popular in the Victorian era. Look for some remakes of these candelabras at a local furnishings store, or search antique shops for authentic ones. They don't all have to match. Having a different one on each table will add even more interest to the space. Look for candelabras that hold five or six candles, and then place tall, off-white candles in each space. When the dinner hour comes, you can have the lights dimmed and let your wedding guests enjoy dinner by candlelight.

Choose lacy cloth napkins.

See if the company that is providing your tablecloths and chair covers also offers cloth napkins (many do). Ask to see their design options, and choose the laciest napkins possible for a Victorian-inspired look. Alternatively, you could purchase lacy cloth napkins for the occasion and let guests take them home as their wedding favors. In either case, make sure that they are displayed neatly on top of the plates when the tables are set, as this was standard practice during the Victorian era.

Creating a Victorian look in your reception hall is not as difficult as you might imagine. With the right seat covers, table cloths, centerpieces, furniture and napkins, you'll be off to an ornate and beautiful start.