Three Reasons Why You Should Take Swimming Lessons in the Middle of Winter

Posted on: 11 January 2017

Swimming lessons are probably the last thing on your mind when you live where it is bitter cold and snowy half the year. Yet taking swimming lessons in the middle of winter is actually a good idea. Here are three reasons why.

The Pool Is Heated and Warm

You know how much you like to stand in a hot shower on a freezing-cold day and how all that warm water flowing over you feels really nice? Now imagine getting into a heated pool to learn how to swim. You will be surrounded by warm water for thirty minutes to an hour, and you will be loosening up all those muscles that have clenched up to keep warm. While you learn a valuable skill, your body will be taking a much-needed break from the extreme cold outside.

The Pool Kills Germs

Indoor pools are often heavily chlorinated to kill germs. If you get into the pool with a cold or upper respiratory problem, guess what? That chlorine is going to kill a lot of germs, bacteria, and viruses that make you sick in winter. While most instructors will probably tell you to stay home if you are not feeling well (and if you are vomiting, you should) it is actually good for you to get into a pool because the chemicals will kill what is making you ill.

Swimming Lessons Could Save Your Life If You Drop Through Ice in Winter

Skating and ice-fishing accidents account for dozens of deaths and hypothermic injuries every year. Add to that the accidents that send entire cars and snowmobiles through the ice, and you are looking at greater numbers of people who cannot get out. When you take swimming lessons in winter, you have already learned what you need to fight current and tides in the water and how to avoid panicking, which could lead to a fatal mistake in the water. In the event that you find yourself dropping through a hole or crack in the ice on a lake in winter, your recently required skills from your winter swimming lessons could ultimately save your life.

You Learn a Lot More Than Just How to Swim

Swimming lessons are not just about how to breathe while swimming or how to move your limbs. People who are afraid of deep water learn to face and control their fears while others learn how escape dangerous water situations. As you venture into the idea of swim lessons in winter, keep the above in mind, and you may just learn a lot more than you thought you would.

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