Don't Book The DJ For Your Wedding Without Asking These Questions First

Posted on: 13 April 2017

You may already be imagining how perfect your wedding day will be, and you are probably just starting to realize how the contractors and vendors you hire can help your day to be a success. Your wedding DJ can be an important partner for your wedding reception; finding a good one will ensure that your wedding day is remembered fondly by you and your guests. To be confident you're getting a great DJ, ask these questions before you hire someone.

What Do You Do to Work a Crowd?

The ability of a DJ to engage your guests and help them to enjoy themselves can be one of the best things about the entire wedding experience. That's why you need to know a little about how they work each crowd and get everyone's attention. Do they use novelty items like sunglasses and glow necklaces? Do they play hits from the 1970s? What makes them different than every other DJ out there? These are things you'll need to find out as you interview them about your wedding reception.

Can We Attend a Reception Where You're Working?

It's hard to get a true feel for how effective a DJ is without seeing them in action. The energy in the room and the enthusiasm of guests is not always easily seen by watching sample videos provided by the DJ. To see how a crowd reacts to a certain DJ, it may be necessary to see them in action. You may worry that you'll be crashing someone's wedding, but many brides and grooms won't mind an extra guest or two, especially when they know what you're doing; after all, they had to find a DJ as well.

Are There Additional Fees?

Some DJs will charge for larger spaces where they need to utilize more equipment. They do this so that everyone in the space can adequately hear what's going on, but it may mean additional fees for you. Ask about any additional fees you might have to pay so that you're not surprised on your wedding night.

What Happens if You're Ill?

When you hire someone to be your DJ, it's because you've done research and decided they're the best person to make your event a great one. However, everyone falls ill unexpectedly; you need to have an alternate plan if the person you've chosen is unable to perform. They may have an assistant that can step in, another DJ they can recommend or other ideas that can help you. Make sure you ask.

These questions will give you a better idea of what kind of person you should hire as your wedding DJ. Take your time during the hiring process so you're sure to get someone who will make your special day even better.